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About Our Agency

FYIonline is a campaign agency owned by the FYI Group which is running for the past 13 years. FYIonline is 100% Black owned and run. We know what it takes to win, and we are committed to helping more businesses innovate and reach the right audience while tracking the entire process.

We are a passionate team of campaigners who believe in the power of communication to influence the world.

We come from a range of backgrounds, but we all share a common belief that influence can be a force for good in the world. We love working with clients who want to make a difference and we are committed to creating campaigns that achieve real results.

What we provide

A full turn key solution from

Concept to Next Generation Analytics 

Concept and ideation

Our specialists influencer marketing team will assist you in designing a meaningful campaign strategy that matches your brand goals and vision.

Building the campaign

After this, we identify creators who will produce content that will add value to the brand and reach an audience that is able to buy, we craft a multi-channel campaign.

Launch and Manage

Once all the content has been approved by the client we launch and manage the entire process. We use smart tracking in real-time across platforms providing live and reliable data.

Optimise the campaign

Our Pixel has been developed to work across all leading e-commerce platforms and can be installed in minutes within your theme or tag manager. This means that you can optimise your creator campaigns no matter which platform you host your store on. FYIonline complements this by adding advance multi-channel media buying.


Analyse your full social commerce funnel with live data on sales generated, SKU’s sold, coupons redeemed, sales over time as well as detailed information on the performance of each creator within the campaign. Compare performance and benchmarks within your category and your other acquisition channels, whether paid or organic.

Review, Pay out and Plan

Businesses that use FYIonline and receive more content and more sales from the creators they work with. Why? Our technology allows them to carefully select the right creators to hand over control to them and shares live performance and earnings data between both parties. A real partnership based on trust to deliver superior ROI.

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Case study

Mizinga Melu

Braving the odds

Mizinga approached FYIonline to build her brand from the ground up. FYI started the process of consulting with her to gain deep understanding about her brand and what she wants to achieve. Once the strategy was signed off we started with the content, social and website build, registering her on Amazon and sending out the correct messaging.

We allowed her brand to build for 3 months then we launched her first book called “Braving the Odds”.

Braving the odds achieved the best seller in 33 countries and Mizinga won several awards

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Word of mouth marketing is still the most powerful form of marketing.



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