Small businesses

Small businesses

Extremely Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Use

  1. Courier Business

You can be delivering things through DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other well-known carriers but still be autonomous. All you need is a trusty van and a spotless driver’s license. Of course, your main costs will be those around your vehicle.

  1. Starting A Coffee Shop

The thing about successful coffee shops is that it’s never really about the coffee. This said, probably the most important aspect is the location. If you want to make a living out of this, then make sure your place is located at an advantageous position where there’s constant traffic of people. The next thing you really need to think about is the atmosphere of your coffee shop. The right music, decoration, furniture, and so on.


If you already have this professional qualification, then you can start local, from the comfort of your home. Local businesses in your area might find it useful to have an accountant just a block away. If you are able to market yourself properly to those around you, then you can start with simple things such as bookkeeping.

4-Man with a Van

If you have a van, then you could be both delivering things and moving homes. You can operate locally and around school campuses where there are students who are constantly moving in and out. Also, as a lone wolf, you will have the advantage against bigger companies who often inflate their rates.

  1. Do you love cooking? Well, then you can fight hunger by making delicious sandwiches for those in a hurry. Now, it doesn’t take Gordon Ramsay’s super-chef skills to make a sandwich but you can be clever about it and perhaps look at a few interesting recipes online. The secret to good sandwiches often lies in custom-made sauces that give amazing flavours to all the ingredients.

6-Online Businesses

Some entertain the idea of working from home. And it has never been easier! You could be selling stuff online, or even make profits off advertising. Are you particularly interested in some topic or do you have an unusual hobby? Then you can easily blog about the things you care about. By putting out great content, you will be able to attract the attention of others with similar interests which means you will be able to make more money by advertising on your website or YouTube channel.

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